Tenants Responsibilities

Rent is due 1st of every month with a grace period of 5 days. If we have not received your payment by 5:00 p.m. on the 5th a $35 late fee will be added to that months rent. Rent should be paid online at the link below.

All Maintenance requests should be made through the resident portal. 


Landlord shall have the right to enter upon the Property at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection or making any repairs which Landlord is required to make under the terms of this Lease or which Landlord otherwise deems necessary or appropriate. As per the lease, Tenants cannot deny the Landlord entry during the term if Landlord deems any inspections or repairs to be necessary.

Tenants are responsible for disposing of their own trash and recycling.

In the event of an emergency defined as life threatening contact 911.


In the event of a lock out, please contact a locksmith, or we will respond with a $150 service fee.


In the event of flooding, power outage, sewer, or HVAC problems, please let a team member know ASAP so that we can respond quickly. 


-- Thank you From Patterson Park Lofts Management Team