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Trash and Recycling are located in the alley next to the building on the Gough Street side. Please contact management for more information.
Lockouts carry a $50.00 charge per lockout. Replacing a key fob costs $10 for the first. A replacement mail key costs $5.00. Every additional replacement will cost double the price of the previous replacement. 
In terms of Wi-Fi, we are wired for Comcast/Xfinity Wi-Fi. We do not have any Fios connections. If you’d like Wi-Fi, you must contact Xfinity to create an account, it is not included.

Pets? Small dogs only, no cats allowed. Dogs must be under 35lbs and require approval by management. Pets require a $450 deposit which consists of a refundable deposit of $300 and the remaining $150 is a non-refundable pet fee. Each animal also requires a $75 monthly pet rent. Only 2 dogs allowed per unit. Small pets such as rabbits are permissible on a case-by-case basis and require approval. 

Parking options at Patterson Park Lofts include street parking.
Damage? Tenant is responsible for any damages to the property, including but not limited to: damage to paint, wall scuffs, nail holes, holes in wall, clogged toilets, and ripped curtains, that put the property in a state different than the initial move-in condition. Tenant will be charged accordingly for any damages/clogs they incur. 
Security Deposits are equal to one month’s rent. This should be paid within a week of the lease being signed to secure the unit and lease term.
Maintenance requests should be made through the online portal. If it is an emergency maintenance the tenants should call the office number as well as send a text to the office number explaining the situation so that a person can be sent over immediately. 
Tenants should not store anything inside of the mechanical closet. This is a fire hazard.
What qualifies as an emergency? - Broken water line or flooding, Fire (call 911 first), broken gas line or leak, broken lock on door (unable to lock door) no air conditioning in hot weather (90 degrees or more), no heat in freezing weather 50 degrees or lower), a sewer backup that is flooding the apartment. 

Rent is to be paid online through the resident portal on the first of every month. If a monthly installment of rent is paid more than five days after the date when due, Tenant shall pay, as additional rent, a late fee of $35.00.

Showings happen during the last 60 days of the Lease. The Tenant shall allow the Property to be shown to prospective Tenants and Purchasers during the hours of 10:00am to 6:00pm daily. Landlord shall give Tenant reasonable notice of such showings. If Tenant is not home, the Property may be shown utilizing the key retained by Landlord or by use of a key lockbox, as authorized by Landlord. Tenant agrees to keep Property reasonably clean and orderly and that any pets permitted on the Property shall not be allowed to obstruct nor interfere with any showing of the Property for rent or sale. Tenant agrees to make reasonable accommodations to comply.

Right to Enter Property; Landlord shall have the right to enter upon the Property at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection or making any repairs which Landlord is required to make under the terms of this Lease or which Landlord otherwise deems necessary or appropriate.
Tenant(s) cannot deny the Landlord entry during the term if Landlord deems any inspections or repairs to be necessary.
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